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 Monsour del Rosario, a world- class taekwondo practicioner, is easily the most agile among the country's action stars. He has proven this time and again with acrobatic stunts that defy not only gravity but death itself. 

But all those years of training did not prepare him for his sizzling love scenes with rising nymphet Ara Mina in his latest starrer, Codename: Bomba.

Inspired by the Sylvester Stallone-Sharon Stone movie The Specialist, the movie is, thanks to Ara, the sexiest Monsour del Rosario movie yet.

"When I read the script," the actor relates, "nagustuhan ko siya, although mayroon ngang mga bed scenes and all.  I asked my manager (Dondon Monteverde) about it and he explained it all to me casually. Wala naman daw masama kung susubukan ko.  Tutal, I've done romantic scenes before with Alma Concepcion in Haragan and with Aya Medel in Padre Kalibre. 

This is something different daw, so I gave it a try.  Nag-enjoy naman ako!" 

Monsour was overwhelmed and amused by Ara's daring.

"lbang klase si Ara," he says.  "I mean, she doesn't have any qualms about the scenes she's doing.  She's very professional and she still knows her limitations."

In Codename:Bomba, Monsour and Ara portray special agents who are bomb detonation experts.  Monsour has retired from the job but is sucked back in when he is caught between two battling crime syndicates.

"It has big blastings, terrific gunfights and a lot of jumping and kickboxing.  The moviegoers should not miss the stunt we did sa La Mesa Dam. 

Grabe 'yung scene because me and Ara are running on the water and we slip together.  Okey lang, pero naawa ako kay Ara because she got bruises and scratches all over her body but still she went on with the shoot.  As if hindi siya nasaktan o hindi siya nagalusan.

"Bilib nga ako sa kanya dahil nakikipagsabayan sa akin.  Naaalala ko tuloy 'yung movie namin ni Anjanette Abayari.  AJ was doing the stunts with me and since then I never saw anyone else do it like that except for Ara.  She's very professional!"

Monsour says Codename:Bomba ranks among his best films.

"I've done so many good action movies before and I can really be proud of this.  Magagaling pa 'yung mga kontrabida tulad nina Bernard Bonnin, Ruel Vernal and Chuck Perez. 

I mean, you get inspired from these people who works as hard as you do.

"I guess Codename:Bomba is one of the my most dangerous movies to date, in the league of Haragan, and a few others.  Marami rin akong na-experience na pain in shooting this movie but it was all worth it.  I want to give the people a good movie and I don't want to fake anything.  What they see in my stunts are real at ako talaga 'yon."

For quite awhile, it's been all work and no play for this action hero. 

He has been unattached for the past year and three months, and he's not keen on embarking on a new relationship.

"It's kinda sad but you get the used to it," he smiles.  "I've been busy with so many projects I don't even have time to go out on dates and meet somebody.  Right now, I'm taking it slow with my personal life, mas gusto kong gumanda ang career ko ngayong taon." Which is the reason he is only amused by Ara's declarations of admiration for him.

"I'm very flattered," says the actor, who is in his early thirties.  "For a young girl her to get attracted to a much older man like me is something. But I treat Ara as my little sister or barkada lang siya.  She deserves to be in the care of a guy her age. And besides, talent din siya ng manager ko kaya hindi puwedeng ma attract ako sa kanya.  At saka, kilala ko kung;sino ang nanliligaw sa kanya kaya hindi puwede!"

For his part, he admits he is seeing somebody special these days.  "Everybody naman has his or her own inspiration.

This girl I'm dating is somebody you'd call special. She's okay with me and I'm okay with her.  We get along fine but if you ask me if she's my girlfiiend, well she's not.  I'm not even courting her." Mon says that before he reaally courts a woman, he wants to be sure of the girl's feelings towards him.

"Mahirap na kasi, di ba?" he says.  "I mean, you devote all your time and effort for somebody pero ang ending wala naman pala. 

I want to be sure this time and if things work out fine for both of us, well, baka this Christmas ay may special someone na ako.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed."

At present, he is keeping her identity in secret.  "I can't tell anybody who she is or, where she's from.  Maybe when things are okay and sure, that's the time I'll be able to say if she's from the business or out of showbiz. But for now, let me enjoy this private moment with her."

Manila Times Feb 17, 1998

Monsour del Rosario
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